Class Participation (200 points)

You are expected to join a synchronous learning experience each Wednesday. Each week, you will be responsible for completing some digital media activities designed to support our shared goal. You will be expected to participate in online discussion and contribute to class discussions of the readings and course materials. You will be expected to share your best work widely online and use Twitter as a professional learning tool using our course hashtag, #COM410.

LEAPS (600 pts)

Four different types of creative media production projects give you the opportunity to develop your creative, collaborative, critical thinking and communication skills. You will be creating media to apply and extend what you are learning about digital learning. See some examples of the types of digital tools we will use in this course. Your cell phone and laptop are powerful production tools for digital media creative projects that you can use in your LEAP assignments. Some of your LEAP projects will require that you collaborate with a partner. Each LEAP will be described under “Assignments” and an evaluation rubric will be provided.

Reflective Essays (200 pts)

When done well, online learning can be among the most intellectually stimulating experiences, building knowledge and providing opportunities for meaningful reflection and critical thinking. These experiences can contribute to the development of your personal and professional identity. Twice during the semester, you will reflect on what you are learning, You will be expected to integrate multimedia content (images, videos, sound, social and interactive media, etc) into your reflection. Get more details about the assignment here. Expectation: 3 – 5 pages, 750 – 1500 words.


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