This course is designed to prepare you for any of a number of careers and professions that involve real-world skills of problem-identification, research, analysis, synthesis, and creativity. As independent learners, you will have the opportunity to customize your learning experience depending on your own interests and professional goals.

  • Creatives will imagine ways to express ideas through creative multimedia products, using print, visual, sound and digital media, learning how to use a variety of communication strategies that attract and hold the attention of the target audience to convey information and opinions.
  • Organizers will exercise the skills of time, task and project management, developing leadership and collaboration skills by communicating with partners, ensuring that problems are resolved and that teams are working effectively to meet goals.
  • Socials will use their skills of relationship development to build respect and trust with peers in order to ensure that everyone learns from everyone, providing meaningful feedback that provides a good balance of support and challenge.
  • Researchers will gather information through online research and interviewing to synthesize key ideas about the social and educational practices, products and people associated with digital media and technology in learning in the State of Rhode Island, across the nation, and around the world.

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