Learning Outcomes

These learning outcomes are expected for every participant. You will:

  1. Gain current and timely knowledge of the role of digital media and technology in education at the local, national and international levels.
  2. Understand the strengths and limitations of digital learning as it is currently practiced and consider its potential impact on innovation in American public education.
  3. Identify the information needs, drives, interests and fears of a target audience and use creativity to share information that influences knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs.
  4. Strengthen research and collaboration skills through activities that require the synthesis of divergent ideas, information and concepts.
  5. Develop independence as a lifelong learner by gathering information, evaluating it and synthesizing it in creative ways.
  6. Advance communication skills including interviewing, writing, performance and media production skills that require creativity and professionalism.
  7. Gain problem-solving skills in project management, focusing the scope of an inquiry, establishing goals, and executing under tight deadline pressure.
  8. Gain digital tool skills, including the use of social media for learning, collaboration, communication and advocacy.
  9. Reflect on how changing media and technologies reshape information, education and society.
  10. Appreciate the role of leadership and advocacy in helping to creating equitable access to educational innovation.

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