November 18, 2015

Watch the Google Hangout:



  • Reflect. Renee comments on Your FlipgridI wonder” statements
  • Synthesizing and Explaining. Renee got some practice at this on the radio WHYY Philadelphia – Yik Yak and Social Power. Listen and discuss: How do you keep your target audience in mind when you convey information?
  • Comment. Renee comments on your reading of the Mark Warschauer essay (Warshauer PPT comments)
  • Discuss: What is remix creativity? Renee reflects on your MUUT discussion board comments
  • Transformative use of copyrighted material. How can you use sources to advance new knowledge?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.16.32 PM


  1. Finding & Using Scholarly Sources for Your Inquiry. Watch the two videos below to learn more about how to find and use scholarly sources.
  2. Transformative Use, Copyright and Digital Learning. Renee wrote a book about copyright, fair use and digital literacy and she created videos and other materials to help people understand some complex ideas. Watch the 2 music videos below, noting some of the main ideas developed in them. Then Tweet out at least one key idea from what you learned from viewing using our class hashtag #COM410.
  3. Key Ideas for LEAP 4. Prepare a written list of key informational messages that your work will emphasize, with a description of what you want your target audience to know, feel and do after reading and viewing your work. Publish the work as a Google Doc and invite the instructor to view/edit (reneehobbs2002@gmail.com).

What is a Scholarly Source?

How to Read a Scholarly Article?

What’s Copyright

User Rights, Section 107


DUE DECEMBER 7 — Multimedia Reflective Essay #2

DUE December 11: LEAP 4


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