November 4, 2015

Join us from 7 – 8 or 8 – 9 for our synchronous class here as a Google Hangout



  1. WATCH: Select one of the the inquiry videos from The Power of Inquiry in Digital Learning and tweet a comment about it using the class hashtag #COM410.
  2. REVIEW the Ready, Set, Create: Multimedia Production 101 webpage and check out some of the digital tools you can use for LEAP 4.
  3. WATCH, LISTEN and RESPOND: Watch the video on “What Makes a Good Podcast?” below. Then select and listen to a Radio Lab podcast of your choice and write a review, responding to the question, “What did the producer have to learn in order to create this podcast?” Put your response on the MUUT Digital Learning page
  4. READ: Bowker, M. (2010). Teaching Students to Ask Questions. Thought & Action, 127-134. After reading, identify one meaningful direct quotation from the essay and comment using the Flipgrid. End your comment with a meaningful question. In true seminar style, listen to and build upon the ideas of a peer before contributing your own idea. Then put your quote from the reading on this Padlet Wall, selecting an appropriate image to accompany it. Be sure to note the page number of your quote.
  5. DEVELOP: Compose an inquiry question for your LEAP 4 project. Provide a rationale about why this question is interesting or important to you, along with a description of a target audience who may also be interested in this topic. Please submit your answers here.


DUE DECEMBER 7 — Multimedia Reflective Essay #2

DUE December 11: LEAP 4


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