Our weekly Google Hangout was held from 7 – 8 pm and from 8 – 9 pm on Wednesday, October 14.


  • Twitter for Research. See what we learned from exploring the question, “Who Profits from Your Participation?
  • Reflect. What were the delights and challenges of completing LEAP 2?
  • Discuss. Key ideas from Ivan Illich, Learning Webs and Rheiingold, Chapters 5 & 6.
  • Comment. Renee comments on your Flipgrid discussion.
  • Introduce. LEAP 3. Collaborate and Connect.
  • Advice: Renee’s suggestions for success with LEAP 3


  1. REVIEW and COMMENT. Watch at least two of the LEAP 2 videos created by COM 410 students and tweet a comment to share what you are learning from your peers.
  2. TEAM-BUILDING & INITIAL WORK ON LEAP 3. Find a class partner for LEAP 3 and identify your team with a “team name” on the Basecamp. Begin your brainstorming process and select an educator to reach out to. One partner should draft and send an email to your interview subject, explaining the project and identifying your need to complete an interview. Another partner should conduct Internet research and develop a draft list of interview questions, publishing this list to the Basecamp.
  3. VIEW AND DISCUSS. Watch the video below and comment on one or two key ideas in it using the MUUT discussion board for Week 6.
  4. READ, TWEET AND DISCUSS: In order to advance your knowledge about digital learning in Rhode Island, read both publications below and then compose at least three tweets to share information and offer your opinion about what you are learning. Be sure to use the #COM410 hashtag and whenever possible, respond to the contributions of your peers.
    1. Hobbs, R., Densmore, B., Marosits, M., O’Gorman, D. & Kurucz, J. (2014, Feb 20). Going Digital: Developing Business and Education Strategies for a 21st Century Rhode Island. Providence: Digital City RI 
    2. National Association of State School Boards (2014). Rhode Island’s Blended Approach to Blended Learning

Optional. Find a educator to interview by hanging out at the Rhode Island Technology Education Conference at the Providence Convention Center, Saturday, October 17 from 9 – 4 p.m..

COMING UP! DUE November 4: LEAP 3


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