Welcome to COM 410, Advanced Topics in Communication Studies with Professor Renee Hobbs.

Happy back to school and welcome to COM 410 Digital Learning. On Wednesday, September 9, we begin our online learning adventure together. I will look forward to meeting you!

Getting Started

We’re not using SAKAI for this class. Our online class is located at: http://unclassroomuri.com. Poke around the site and read the pages to get oriented. Please download the syllabus and read it before our first class.

Orientation Meeting
We had a 60-minute orientation class online at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9 via Google Hangouts. Since URI doesn’t support Google Hangouts (or YouTube), you may need to login into a non-URI Google account to activate your Google Plus account and use Hangouts. If you need help getting started with Hangouts, click here.
If you did not participate in it, please watch the Google Hangout here:


  1. Read the syllabus and review the learning outcomes
  2. Discuss the philosophy of the class and the particular approach to online learning
  3. Introduce: What do we mean by the term, “digital learning”?
  4. Introduce: What do we mean by the term, “create to learn”?
  5. DISCUSS: Which type most resembles you? Creatives – Organizers – Socials – Researchers 
  6. REVIEW: Homework and expectations for next week


  1. WATCH: Are you an optimist or a pessimist about digital learning? Watch two short videos (see the TOUCHSCREEN post) and share a comment on our MUUT DIGITAL LEARNING page
  2. READ: After reading the online readings listed below, comment on our MUUT DIGITAL LEARNING page
  3. BUY: Order our textbook, Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart, at an online bookstore of your choice
  4. REVIEW: Refresh yourself on online learning strategies at the Tips for Online Learning at URI
  5. INTRODUCE. Introduce yourself on Flipgrid by telling us a story about your own experiences with “digital learning” during your time in elementary or secondary school. Share your initial thoughts about the pros and cons of using digital texts, tools and technologies for learning.
  6. CREATE. Establish a Twitter account and post a message using class hashtag #COM410. Use appropriate keywords related to this course and use keyword search on the term “digital learning” and find at least 20 people to follow, including your instructor @reneehobbs.
  7. CREATE a Blog for this Course. Create a blog and create an About page that presents your identity as a (pre)professional communicator. Send a tweet to the instructor with the link to your blog’s home page before September 16 at 7 p.m. Need help creating a blog? Try Wix or Weebly. Or watch this video. Or check out the WordPress.com Learning page


READ: Cator, K. (2015). How Should We Approach the Digital Divide in Education? Medium.

READ: Liu, D. (2015). How Should We Approach Education’s Digital Divide?  Medium.

READ: Ramirez, M. (2014, August 28). What it Really Takes for Schools to Go Digital. Time Magazine.

READ: Hobbs, R. (2015). The Optimistic Heart of Digital Citizenship. Corwin Connects.

Comment on the readings on the Week 2 MUUT DIGITAL LEARNING PAGE


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